Why Invest in Hafnia

Consistent Dividend Payout

  • Consistent payout of 50 % of net profit since IPO in 2019
  • Total shareholder return of 209% in 2022
  • Increased dividend pay-out ratio in end 2022 based on quarter end leverage ratio

Net Loan-to-Value ratio Revised payout ratio
> 40% 50%
<= 40% 60%
<= 30% 70%
<= 20% 80%

Proactive Growth Measures

  • Actively managed company focused on creating shareholder value
  • Significant deals that optimize earning potential and growth
    • Vista JV, Andromeda JV, Chemical Tanker acquisition and other fleet acquisitions

Fleet Growth

  • The largest fleet of product and chemical tankers
    • Commercially managed fleet has increased to over 250 vessels is continually growing
  • Pool platforms covering every product segment and chemical segment

Lowest Cost Operator

  • Growth in scale enables unlocking of operational synergies, new trading opportunities

Optimized Capital Structure

  • Keen understanding of interest rate environment, refinancing has allowed us to constantly optimise debt structure and de-lever the balance sheet

Corporate Overview

Hafnia is one of the world's largest operators of product and chemical tankers.

As a fully integrated shipping platform, Hafnia has a 100% alignment rate with investor interest and no fee leakage. We incorporate a robust business model with diversified revenue streams and strong industry fundamentals to drive an optimized earnings potential.

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Hafnia Investment Overview

With a strong market reputation, Hafnia furthermore benefits from solid industry partner relationships and a firm foothold in the investor community.

Amongst other strategic goals, Hafnia firmly invests it vision on the impact that global shipping does to the environment and sets ambitious and measured targets within its ESG strategy.

ESG at Hafnia

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